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Jiangsu Grant industry Limited by Share Ltd, founded in 2001, is located in the beautiful scenery of the southern Taihu coast - Suzhou Wujiang City, adjacent to the Shenjiahu, the traffic is very convenient, smooth and efficient logistics. As a R & D, production and sales as one of the new Grant pipeline industry, after years of efforts, has not only been recognized and favored by the customers has been on both sides of the Changjiang River, authorities rated as brand-name products in Suzhou, Zhejiang Province, the construction units, promote scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu province construction new technology promotion units such as a number of honorary the title.

In 16 years, the three maxims of Grant tube industry always adhere to the "quality first, reputation first, customer first", forward-looking vision, and constantly improve the internal quality management system and technology innovation system. The company introduced the most advanced automatic pipe production line and injection molding machine, and is equipped with a full set of pipes and fittings, the most advanced testing equipment, established a testing center of the domestic first-class products, the company has perfect security. The company's existing products include: PP-R pipe, FR/PP-R pipe, glass fiber reinforced nano antibacterial PP-R pipe, PE-RT home heating pipe, PVC-U drainage pipe, PE pipe and other major series of dozens of varieties, diversification of products to seize the market the commanding point of enterprise. At the same time, business enterprises industry development strategy think-tank hired pipeline R & D team of experts in the world, with the help of par with the world's development platform, committed to the optimization and upgrading of R & D pipeline and pipeline model. The company's existing staff of more than 200, which has experienced senior technical staff and management personnel more than 30, guarantee company in business philosophy has always been with the world. At present the company's products have been sold to all over the country, in the city, and the establishment of authorized dealers and offices more than 400.

German Glanvill Technology


German Glanvill (GELAWER) Group Co. Ltd., headquartered in the United States because of the Frankfurt River, is the leading professional supplier of plastic piping systems. As to pipeline products as the leading global group company, after nearly twenty years of development , the company achieved from regional and single industry to the development pattern of the world, the whole industry chain. The group with the high quality service and product quality and establish a good image of the product and reputation in the international market. Glanvill pipeline technology is also in many countries key projects, many city landmarks, luxury hotels, senior real estate, left a deep footprint, products are sold throughout Europe and North American market.

With the accelerating process of economic globalization, Glanvill group decided to homeopathy, to create an international market to the global industrial chain, regional cooperation business operation mode, shaping the world's most complete, best quality, the most trusted and respected management road service providers, enterprise mission. To conform to the global business development group, the Glanvill group fully locked the huge Asian market, through market research and peer rigorous fieldwork, through in-depth brand understanding in many aspects, formal and Jiangsu Rand pipe industry Limited by Share Ltd entered into a strategic alliance, provided by the German Glanvill technology research and development support, Jiangsu Grant pipe industry bear "the high-end drinking water pipeline system" and "high-end home improvement plumbing system", "line of high-end home improvement pipe protection system", " Jiezhuang drainage pipeline system" and many other products in the pipeline system of China market products production, sales and service, officially opened the two strong brand in Asia and our cooperation, to provide full science and technology pipeline products safe and satisfactory for millions of customers.

Grant tube industry attract local talent, the formation of service system and pragmatic and efficient management of professional production team, to the German Glanvill technology for the development of power, to achieve the development of breakthrough and the brand new high-end development, creating extraordinary value to customers at home and abroad, as the home life to provide a safe, healthy, comfortable, energy-saving and environmental protection water environment.

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