Grant has always been adhering to the people-oriented service concept, focus on social health of the water, add 200 professional service outlets nationwide, professional answer customer problems. Advocate "smile V service", a professional experience as close as a family on a private service personality, healthy green pipe to every happy family life, and enjoy together Tranter hydrophilic - affection - Pro life!

After-sale service

1, in the use of Grant products in the process, if found, call the customer service hotline, we will make an effective solution in 3 working days.

2, the establishment of the customer database, product quality and customer satisfaction survey, tracking of customers, the timely information feedback records, analysis of relevant data, the effective prevention of potential crisis.

3, the quality of underwriting. Our product is made by the authority of repeated testing, has a nationwide sales network, product quality and maximize the protection of the interests of users, so that consumers worry about.

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