Grant tube industry to join the German Glanvill, the introduction of international advanced technology, PP-R double layer net tube series
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Germany Glanvill (GELAWER) Group Co., Ltd., headquartered in Germany, the United States because of the river in Frankfurt, is the European famous professional plastic pipe system suppliers. As a leading global group of pipeline products, after nearly twenty years of development, the company achieved from the regional, single industry to the world, the development of the whole industry chain pattern. Group with its high quality service and product quality in the international market to establish a good image and reputation of the product. Glanvill pipeline technology is also in the symbol of the city many key projects, a number of countries, building luxury hotels, senior real estate, left a deep footprint, products are sold throughout Europe and North American market.

With the accelerating process of economic globalization, Granville Group decided to homeopathy, to create an international market in the industrial chain, to operation mode of operation of the global and regional cooperation, shaping the world's most complete, the quality of the products the best and most trusted and respected pipe service providers to achieve the corporate mission. To conform to the global business development group, the Glanvill group fully locked the huge Asian market, through market research and peer rigorous fieldwork, through in-depth brand understanding in many aspects, an official with the Jiangsu Grant tube industry Limited by Share Ltd reached a strategic alliance, provided by the German Glanvill technology research and development support, Jiangsu Grant bear the "high-end drinking water pipe industry the pipeline system" and "high-end home improvement plumbing system", "line of high-end home improvement pipe protection system", "home sewer system" and many other products in the pipeline system of China market products production, sales and service, officially opened the two strong brand in Asia and our cooperation, to provide full technical pipeline products at ease, for tens of millions of customer satisfaction.

Grante pipe industry to recruit talents from all over the world, forming professional production team capable and pragmatic and efficient management of the service system, to Germany Granville Technology as the motive force of the development, to achieve new breakthrough research and development and brand to the high-end development, for domestic and foreign customers to create extraordinary value, home life to provide a safe, health, energy saving, environmental protection, comfortable water environment.

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