Grante double net tube series

The European top raw materials

Grante double net tube outer layer using the Nordic imported PPR materials, bright color, smooth, delicate texture, excellent workmanship. The pipeline of uniform thickness, no color, smooth and radiant.

HDPP super protective layer

The inner net protective layer, using high density polypropylene (HDPP), excellent performance, high density, high rigidity, high melting point and good anti permeability, enhance the mechanical strength of the pipeline (such as tensile strength, stiffness and hardness) and thermal properties (such as softening point temperature and thermal deformation temperature of ). But the impact strength improved pipeline with low density PP-R and resistance to environmental stress cracking. The net protective layer can effectively solve the inner wall scale and the impurities adhered to and deposited. Because of the wall material density, scale and impurities to achieve adhesion, self-cleaning and antibacterial effect, health and environmental protection, the service life can be prolonged to one times than the common PPR pipe, with life and architecture!


Executive standard: GB/T28799-2012
The size of the specifications for the S5、S4、S3.2、S2.5 three series, the specific specifications shown in the table below

Pressure Characteristics

Grante double net tube bearing capacity is far better than the commonly used plastic pipe. In some conditions the provisions of the state, Grant double net supporting antibacterial pipe can use for a long time under high pressure, see the following table Grant double net protective tube used in a variety of design level under stress conditions

High temperature characteristics

Grante double net protective tube can be used in high temperature radiator heating, the heat resistance is better than that of the common market of plastic pipe, Grant double net protective tube can be used in high temperature for a long time, without fear of the pipeline can occur creep damage phenomenon.

Low temperature anti-cracking properties

Grant double net protective pipe has excellent anti cracking characteristics, installation at low temperature (-20 DEG C), when the pipeline will not be because of external impact cracking.
At the same time limit in low temperature conditions encountered pipeline, pipeline will not in frost caused by pipe wall rupture.

Health performance

Grante double tube net pay more attention to the safety problems of the pipeline, Grant double net support is only composed of carbon tube material antibacterial (C) and hydrogen (H) of two elements, the metal insert by electroless plating is 62 copper, chromium, nickel and other heavy metals did not harm components, health performance. So Grant double net supporting the products completely accord with the antibacterial pipe health performance testing standards, to ensure the safety of drinking water.

Areas of application

1, five Stars Hotel of cold and hot water supply system;
2, the high-end residential solar heating system;
3, Home Furnishing or the public drinking water system;
4, the high-end villa heating system;

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