PP-R series water supply

PP-R pipeline appeared in the last century, is a new type of water supply pipeline system, with good heat resistance, long service life, good corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, low resistance, firm connection pipeline fittings, the advantages of cheap, has become the world's most ideal household water supply pipeline, in Europe and other developed the national application rate of more than 60%, in the Chinese application rate of more than 90%. At the same time, with its excellent health performance to all users to bring healthy water. According to authoritative statistics, the aging period for this kind of composite materials for more than 50 years, by the national chemical building materials testing center qualified. Never known as scaling, never rust, never leakage, green water advanced materials.

Product features

1, health, non-toxic, no corrosion, no deposit
2, high temperature and high pressure
3, the hot melt connection pipes and fittings of homogeneous melting as a whole, safe and reliable never leakage
4, good insulation properties and low thermal conductivity
5, light weight, convenient transportation, low construction strength
6, the pipe wall is smooth, small pressure loss, flow speed
7, pipeline transmission noise
8, the product color is soft and beautiful appearance, and can be installed with the dark room
9, the installation is simple, fast, low construction cost
10, long service life, under normal conditions, the service life can reach more than 50 years

Product use

1, product is suitable for the life, health and drinking water supply of hot water heating system. A new product to replace the galvanized iron pipe upgrade.
2, the user can according to the products in the long-term continuous working pressure and temperature conditions, the selection of different levels of pressure pipe. The following 16MPa - pressure level can not be used for heating, heating pipe system to use the PN2.0MPa recommendations above the pressure rating of the pipe. The cold water pipe selection of safety coefficient is not less than 15; the hot water pipe selection of safety coefficient is less than 3, while grade pipe must be selected bearing capacity to meet the temperature at the time.

Technical index

The density of g/cm30.89~0.91
Melting temperature141~146
The thermal conductivity of W/ (m.k)Zero point two three
The thermal expansion coefficient of mm/ (m.k)Zero point one five
Vertical retraction (135 C, 1H)%Less than or equal to 2%
Pendulum impact test (0 C, 15min 15J)The breakage rate of < sample 10%
Hydrostatic test (20 C, 1H, cyclic stress: 16.0Mpa)No damage, no leakage
Hydrostatic test (95 C, 1000h, cyclic stress: 3.5Mpa)No damage, no leakage
Hydrostatic test (110 C, 8760h, cyclic stress: 1.9Mpa)No damage, no leakage










执行标准Implementation standards

PP-R series of pipeline according to GB/T18742.1-2002 national quality supervision and inspection and quarantine administration standard. 2002-05-29, 2003 -01-01. The relevant standards are as follows:
GB/T18742.1-2002 hot and cold water using polypropylene piping systems part first: General principles
GB/T18742.2 -2002 with hot and cold water piping system - Part second: polypropylene pipe
GB/T18742.3 -2002 hot and cold water using polypropylene piping systems Part third: fittings

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