PVC-U drainage pipe

With a hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) drainage pipe using polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, add the necessary additives, by extrusion molding, has excellent mechanical properties and good corrosion resistance, is a kind of high strength, good stability, long service life, high cost of building drainage pipe. Can be used in building drainage and sewage pipe system and ventilation system.

Performance characteristics

1, PVC-U pipe, pipe fittings, excellent physical-chemical properties, high impact strength, fluid resistance is small, compared with the same caliber cast iron pipe flow increased 30%, good ageing resistance, the normal service life of up to 50 years.
2, the pipeline of inorganic acid, alkali salt corrosion resistance, suitable for industrial wastewater discharge and transportation.
3, the friction coefficient is small, the flow is smooth, easy to plug, less maintenance workload.
4, pipe line expansion coefficient, 0.07mm/m, is affected by temperature deformation. The coefficient of thermal conductivity and low elastic modulus, excellent anti freezing performance compared with the cast iron drainage pipe.
5, pipes and pipe fittings connected by bonding, simple construction method, convenient operation, and effectively speed up the progress of the project and reduce the construction cost.
6, save construction costs, comprehensive cost of PVC-U pipes and fittings with the same specifications than the cast iron pipe system low.
7, the material has high oxygen index, self extinguishing.
8, the company's products are mainly white, bright color, smooth.

PVC-U bushing

PVC bushing is with PVC resin as the main raw material, add special additives, lead pipes and fittings by extrusion and injection molding processing, for the protection and security of piping wires or cable wiring in the building electrical installation project, which allows the wire or cable penetration and replacement. Mainly used for electrical, communication cable casing, the implementation of industry standard JG.3050-1998 products.

Performance characteristics

- And the outer wall is smooth, low friction coefficient. Reduce the wires and cables in pipe resistance.
- high compressive performance: Grant PVC medium-sized electrical insulation casing can withstand the pressure more than 750N, can be installed, can be installed on the concrete, not pressed and damaged.
- shock resistance, good heat resistance: Grant PVC electrical insulation casing in the concrete pouring process, by tamping impact will not normally break. And in the construction process of soft condensation heat effect.
- excellent moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance of pH: Grant PVC electrical insulation casing will not rust proof, each connection according to the provisions of PVC bond bond can be liquid, water infiltration.
Grante PVC - flame retardant electrical insulation casing self extinguishing (20 seconds away from the flame, the flame will be self extinguishing) will not delay the spread of pipeline.
Grante PVC - Insulation: electrical insulation casing with excellent insulating properties, AC2000V, 50HZ in the water will not breakdown. In order to prevent accidental electric shock, the world tendency to ground insulation than good, while Grant PVC electrical insulation casing can meet your requirement this.
- Anti rat bug: Grante PVC electrical insulation casing with special additives, no smell, attract vermin hinging damage.
The construction is convenient: the intersection catheter under de32mm device can be conveniently inserted in the wire cut, the corresponding special spring, at room temperature under artificial bent into a desired angle with PVC binder can be quickly and easily connecting the sleeve into the required shape of pipeline construction.

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