PE-RT series of heating

Grante's production of PE-RT (medium density resistant polyethylene copolymer) heating pipe produced by the mechanical properties of SK of South Korea is very stable in medium density polyethylene pipe DX800 of ethylene and octene. Ethylene octene backbone and short branched chain structure of its own, thermal creep properties make with superior toughness, tensile and ethylene cracking performance of low-temperature impact resistance, outstanding performance and long-term pressure octene. The available hot melt connection connection method, accident damage can also be connected with hot melt pipe repair, in accordance with the product standard curves of creep damage is present only in polyethylene without crosslinking can be used for a variety of hot water pipe. Is widely used in the field of floor heating, drinking water pipeline system, cold and hot water supply system.

Product features

1, The thermal stability and long-term pressure resistance 1, good stable performance, thermal creep has good performance, excellent long-term high hydrostatic ability.
2, good low-temperature impact resistance: PE-RT pipe low temperature embrittlement temperature is -40 DEG C, low-temperature impact resistance and good performance of pipe construction in winter when susceptible to the impact of pipe rupture.
3、With good flexibility, convenient construction: bending radius (r min =5D), the bending part should force can quickly obtain the relaxation can be avoided in the use process, due to the stress concentration caused by pipeline in the bend failure. PE-RT pipe can be hot melt connection, so the pipeline in the application process if the damage is convenient to repair.
4, aging resistance, long service life, due to the excellent characteristics of PE-RT material, the working temperature is 70 DEG C, the pressure is 0.8MPa, the PE-RT tube can be used for over 50 years. PE-RT materials can be recycled, no environmental pollution, is environmentally friendly energy-saving products.

技术指标Technical index

Mpa stress test loop
Test temperature
The test time of H
Longitudinal reversion
One hundred and ten
EN = 8mm 1
8mm en < < 16mm 2
En > 3 16mm
< 3%
Hydrostatic test
No damage without leakage
Three point five five
One hundred and sixty-five
Three point five
One thousand
Test of thermal stability by hydrostatic pressure
One point nine
One hundred and ten
Eight thousand seven hundred and sixty
No damage without leakage
Melt flow rate of MFR (at 190 2.16Kg) g/10min
The rate of change of less than 30% of the raw materials



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