Fine quality control tube series

Grant experts team took 3 years of painstaking research and development of new pipelines, Grant's first "double PPR", double colors and compact structure, the outer layer of imported edible raw materials PPR environmental protection, lining for high crystal nano active carbon fiber and PPR blend of new material, after special processing technology with high light resistance function. The pipe is not transparent, so that the water in the pipeline is not easy to breed bacteria, to ensure that the wall never moss. At the same time to achieve the pipeline of high strength and low linear expansion coefficient. Grant "double PPR tube" new tube, inherited the world's leading ice road, subversion of the traditional manufacturing process, take you away from the "moss era", leading the new model of health standard brings you the pipeline upstart pet.

Performance characteristics

Environmental health
 Edible raw materials PPR environmental protection raw materials imported, to control the quality of the source. The inner material is high crystal nanometer activated carbon fiber material and PPR co blended first innovation profiles, feed water purification function and environmental health of both.
 High light resistance
 High crystal nanometer activated carbon fiber material after special processing with high light resistance function, the pipeline is not transparent, so that the water in the pipeline is not easy to breed bacteria, to ensure that the wall never moss.
 tell a story without missing a single circumstance
 The introduction of German technology and electronic technology for hot melt mode, interface effect, fittings are made of high quality six two pieces of copper, compressive deformation resistance, excellent stability. To ensure the quality of science and technology and the two pronged approach, and the pipe between the closed tightly together, effectively prevent water leakage.
 Antibacterial activity
 The innovation of nano antibacterial technology, self clean, self purification, water purification 24 hours depth, surface active oxygen tube, so that bacteria can not die energy metabolism. So that the tree to achieve the antibacterial effect of tube.
 High temperature
 Adding crystal nanometer activated carbon fiber material, improve the pipeline resistance of static strength and high temperature performance, but also improve the safety coefficient of piping system, to secure the selection and use of.
 Longer life
 The pipeline high toughness, heat resistance and creep resistance, used in the normal condition, life can reach more than 50 years.
 Beautiful and high-grade
 The activated carbon fiber reduces the expansion coefficient of the pipeline, enhances the stiffness of pipe, reducing pipe deformation and sagging due to thermal expansion caused by the more smooth and beautiful, high-grade.
 Very resistant to corrosion
 For most of the chemicals in the water and buildings are not ion chemical reaction, will not rust, no corrosion, no bacteria.

New application field

1, the building of cold and hot water pipeline
 2, all the buildings with cold and hot water pipeline
 3, direct drinking water, pure water transportation network
 4, hotels, cold and hot water pipe network

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