Warm home should pay attention to the eight problems
Release date:2016-04-20Read 239 times

Gradually low temperature, heating become a hot topic.Many alternative heating equipment, heating, air conditioning and heating. Heating and air conditioning people more familiar with, and as for the Chinese new heating, warm, many people are still confused, only know that floor heating is very comfortable, but the selection and use common sense, virtually nothing. Therefore, experts tell you much knowledge about warm, hope to be able to avoid the risk of consumption for you....

PP-R pipeline installation process
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Currently, a wide range of new types of plastic pipe market, are commonly used: PP-R pipe, PB pipe, PE-X pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, ABS plastic pipe, PP-R pipe because of its reliability much pet owners stare and engineering application is also more. Following a brief PP-R pipe application in heating engineering construction on the ground.1, PP-R pipe material selectionThe hot water pipe and pipe fittings with corresponding nominal pressure should be selected acco...

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